Everyone below either makes over $10,000 monthly or consistently wins over 70% of their day trades

See how Maurice has changed the lives of his past students. All of these below students received these results because they joined the VIP Trading Program & then provided a testimonial to share their success. Not from the free YouTube Content. That means if you need these results then you should join the Coaching Program.

Watch 330 Testimonials From People That Got Coaching

#0 -Anthony

"I finished the program 3 months ago, I have made $200,000 this far and only started with a $5000 account. I have officially quit my job to be a full time day trader. The strategy is super simple, we use supply and demand and only trade one ticker. You won't regret joining this program!"

#1 -Bryan P - Part 3

"8 weeks into the VIP Trading Program I made $100,000 in profit. This program is life changing and has had a unbelievable impact on my life. So get onboard, join the 1 on 1 coaching, study, and you will absolutely see the results. I also started with $10k in my trading acc so if I can do that then anyone can."

#2 -Dustin F - Part 3

"Dustin started with a $3,000 trading acc and grew it too over $100,000 because of the VIP Trading Program. He was also even able to maintain his 80% + win ratio over the past 1 year + of trading the strategy full-time since he quit his day job.

#3 -Myles

Myles made $50,000 because of Maurice's strategy that he learned from the VIP Trading 1 on 1 coaching program. As Myles said "I've tried a lot of programs out there and I know first hand that making options trading simple is a difficult thing to do, but Maurice accomplishes this. Everything he teaches is simple and easy to implement."

#4 -Bryan P - Part 2

"Bryan P made $50,000 and wins 89% of all his day trades because of the VIP Trading 1 on 1 coaching program. The strategy was so simple that if you can simply count to 4 then you can make a lot of money with this strategy. You just have to get out of your own way and be willing to be coached".

#5 -Malik

"Malik made $8,000 because of Maurice's strategy that he learned from the VIP Trading 1 on 1 coaching program. His strategy was so easy that anyone can apply it and be successful. Very soon I will be able to quit my 70+ hr job and will be able to day trade for a living because his strategy works so well"

#6 -Tracy

"In 2 short months I made over $50,000-day trading & I started with a $5,000 acc. Maurice's VIP Trading Program is lit! Things were going so well I had to take off 1 week from my job in order to trade because I was making more money with Maurice's day trading strategy than I ever could at a job."

"If your thinking about quitting your job one day, retiring early, or just making a lot more money to get your life back then you need to take this coaching program. I am finally even remodeling my entire house because I have the income to do so. Plus unlike other strategies I am finally consistently earning money every single day that I can actually rely on while only trading 30 mins a day max".

#7 -Tracie & Moses

"Before joining the VIP Trading Program we wanted to make $300 a day from day trading ($9,000 monthly), but because of Maurice's system along with how simple it is we now make between $500 - $800 every single day ($21,000 monthly)."

#8 -Dustin F - Part 2

"Dustin made $60,000 trading with Maurice's strategy, paid off $30,000 in debt to become debt-free, and now also quit his job to become a full-time trader so he can spend more time with my family doing the things he wants to do in life."

#8 -Sean

"I win 80% of all my day trades now by using Maurice Kenny's simple strategy. Having direct access to him is a godsend because at any point of the day I can send him a direct message & he will get back to me with a written/video reply within 30 mins max. "

#9 -Myles

"Before meeting Maurice I have been trading for about 5 years and my results were inconsistent. Now with Maurice's 1 on 1 coaching program, he was able to analyze all my trades and give me live personal feedback on how I can improve. As a result, I have become a better trader and now make $2,500 every single week ($12,500 monthly)".

#10 -JaMario

"I now have a 100% win ratio when day trading. I won back-to-back trades for an entire month because Maurice Kenny's strategy works so well if you follow the process. I had a 30% winning ratio before the program and now I have not lost a single trade ever since I joined".

#11 -Bill

"Before the VIP Trading Program, I was losing money on a monthly basis. I've also tried out every program that you can think of, but this was the 1 that took my losses and turned them into wins. I now win 70% of every day trade I ever enter while maintaining very small losses".

#12 -John D

"Before the program John D lost $36,000 trying to day trade with overly complicated strategies. After only 2 weeks in the VIP Trading Coaching Program he has already made $10,000. This is because everything is so clearly laid out and it all just clicks with the help of coaching".

#13 -David

"What can I say? Except that maybe you should give the program a chance! With my full-time profession as a property manager, I am a busybody. That being said, I still have time to trade the Maurice Kenny strategy.

This has allowed me to pay my bills down, pay for the program itself, and even (part-time) trading, I have made over 16K to this day :) My dream is to go full time and I know without a doubt, I will. Maurice Kenny is a true professional and he is devoted to having his students achieve their success. I am really glad I became part of this trading family!"

#14 -Garrett Y

"I make at least $1,000 everyday and win over 70% of all my day trades. I am very busy with my full-time job so what I liked about the strategy is that I was able to still make this possible since trading wouldn't take all day. So i'm grateful I found this program".

#15 -Rey

"Before the program, I had a 10% win ratio while day trading. After the program, I now have a 60% win ratio. That's a 6x improvement on my day trading skills so if you are serious about wanting to make a lot of money then give this program a chance. You wont regret it".

#16 -Josiel

"Josiel nearly doubled his entire trading acc in 1 month with a 90% winning ratio. My acc when I started was only $1,000, but I would have never thought it would be $2,000 so quickly. My losses were so small that it almost seemed to easy to make money."

#17 -Mike O

"Mike O makes $30,000 every month because of the VIP Trading Program. You do not need to know anything about Day Trading in order to start with Maurice Kenny's strategy because he will break everything down so even a 5-year-old can understand it"

#18 -Devondre

"I was shocked by how structured and easy to follow the program was. Maurice and his team are 100% always there to guide you. If you have any uncertainty and fear before day trading this will fix everything. I recommend this program to any beginner trader that is struggling on how to get started the correct way."

#19 -Kenneth B

"I am retiring from my job in a few days because now I make enough money consistently that I can become a full-time day trader. I found everything that I needed from the VIP Trading Program's mentorship and wish I would have found this out sooner.

#20 -Alberto

"I made $1200 yesterday in 1 trade from his strategy and consistently make at least $800 daily ($20,000 monthly). My goal is to Day Trade for a living because I am a single parent that wants to take care of my daughter and with Maurice's help I can make that happen now."

#21 -John S

"I initially purchased the course videos without the coaching because it was cheaper, but realized I was learning too slowly & making silly mistakes, but since I didn't have anyone to ask questions to I was alone in trying to figure it all out. I soon bought the coaching program and was surrounded by other successful students that I could talk to in the community. That sped up my learning curve significantly so if you can you need to get the coaching right away.

#22 -Dustin

" Every 5 days I make $2,500 because of the VIP Trading Program. This is even with a full-time job and only after 1 month of being in the program. Before the program, I used to win thousands 1 week and then lose it all the next. Now I am consistently profitable as a day trader."

#23 -Nik

"Maurice completely demystified Day Trading for my wife and I. Clear Entry Points, Clear Exit Points, & overall how to build a plan you can trust based on price action. People just need to get out of their own way & trust the process"

#24 -Briana

"I now win 70% of all my Day Trades. Maurice's VIP Trading program does not only focus on trading, but it also focuses on the psychology of trading. Before I ever entered a trade I originally felt a large amount of anxiety and fear, but Maurice talked to me 1 on 1 to identify why that was personally happening to me and gave me solutions that would fix that right away. He really cares about every one of his students and no other program I have been a part of will do that"

#25 -Sean L

"Let me tell you about my first week into the VIP Trading Program. I almost missed out on this opportunity because I don't usually click on Facebook or YouTube Ads, but man I am happy I clicked it. 1 week in and every single team member I have spoken to really deeply cares about my success and I have never felt more welcomed in a trading community in my life."

#26 -Jason

"For the first time I am now a consistently profitable day trader. My winning percentage at 75% and that is because anytime I need a question answered my coach will immediately get back to me for help. Also just being a part of the slack community I learn even more from the other students. So don't get the course independently, but instead get the total package of course + coaching."

#27 -Leonard

"I started with only $200 & with Maurice's help, I quickly made over $1000. I'm a bit introverted as you can see in my testimonial so I was worried about getting coaching, but since it's private 1 on 1 I was able to relax while getting the help that I needed. I've had consistent results for a while now & considering trading full time since his strategy works so well."

#28 -Bri

"With the free content I made $17,000, but because I didn't have coaching I lost all of it in a few days. After that big loss, I looked back over my recent trades only to realize I did not have a full understanding of Maurice's strategy. Anyone that really wants to make a lot of money will need 1 on 1 coaching because after my first week in I already realized I was missing a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Don't cheap out as I did at first because you may regret it.

#29 -Derrick

"I have always lived paycheck to paycheck, but because of Maurice's program I know that is about to change. I'm only 1 week into the program and I have already learned so much. In his group chat I see the other students making money on the exact trades I would have taken so I know when I get there I will do well."

#30 -Joel

"Spoiler alert. This program is 5 out of 5 stars. Before the program, I chased stocks and always lost trades nonstop even when I took a more active approach. If you want to trade the easy way to earn a lot of money with way less stress then this is the program for you. Also, I am proud to say I win 70% of all my day trades now."

#31 -Garrett

"I now win 82% of all my trades. Maurice takes a very complex topic and makes it extremely simple. I initially did not believe this would work, but it has truly been a godsend. 1st week of me trading did not go well because I still had FOMO, but after that, my coach helped me and I was successful ever since. Practice, practice, practice."

#32 -Ondre

"I quit my job and now am a Full-Time Day Trader that is consistently profitable because of the VIP Trading Program since I make $500 every day now ($12,000 monthly). Nothing else to say besides thank you!"

#33 -Dustin G

"I have a 90% winning ratio because of the VIP Trading Program. Before the program, I have been in a lot of courses/program that say they care, but after they get their money they go dark. In this program, the coaches actually care about your success and will do everything possible to help you become consistently profitable."

#34 -Ricky S

"1 month in and I already have a 70% win ratio. Focusing on just 1 stock gives me all the money I need so I don't have to watch the chart all day long and worry about fomo / chasing other stocks. The coaches know their stuff and if you have an issue they will jump on a private call with you for 30 min - 1 hr just to fix your problems step by step with you."

#35 -Bryan P - Part 1

"I win 85% of all of my Day Trades because of the VIP Trading Program. It's phenomenal. The best part about the whole program is the simplicity in just how the trading strategy works. It tells you step by step where to enter and exit all without guessing where the market will go. The coaches are also incredible as well. All around you should join this program."

#36 -Darius

"I win 70% of all the day trades I enter. Some of the best advice I can give to new traders in the VIP Trading program is to be patient and trust the process. It's a very simple strategy and it works if you follow the core of what they teach."

#37 -Paul

"Since week 1 I have won 80% of my trades. Yes, I have lost trades, but that was because of my greed and not fully paying attention to the strategy. So the system works if you work the system and don't try to add anything extra on top of it.

#38 -Ryan

"After about 2 weeks of being in the program, I already win 70% of all my day trades. Then I did the tweaks my coach told me to do and I have not lost a single trade after that. So if you follow exactly what they say & are serious about trading then this program will help you.

#39 -Kenneth

"I now win 80% of my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program. Before my success, I was in discord groups, group chats, signal alerts, but I lost a lot with those since they lacked consistency. Now because of this program, I am now consistent.

#40 -Deena

"I finally win 80% of all my Day Trades, but I want to be transparent with you. Personally, it was not very easy for me, but thankfully I did not give up. The coaches really care about each of their students and as a result, I was able to become a consistently profitable trader."

#41 -Gabe G

"This is the best investment I have made in my entire life. Since I finished the 2-month program I now win 70% of every trade I enter with the MK strategy. I have a busy schedule because of my job and I will still be able to get all the help that I needed in order to now become a successful trader.

#42 -Jeri H

"Before the program, I knew absolutely nothing about day trading and now I have been so successful that I win 80% of all my day trades! If I never made a single trade before starting the program and now I am a consistently profitable day trader then believe me when I say anyone can do it."

#43 -John

"My wife and I was extremely skeptical, but I watched all of Maurice's free content and that helped us make the plunge. After we did it was the best decision that we have made. We now win 75% of all our day trades because we have a coach thats here to help us step by step on technicals and psychology issues. We have made our money back and then some."

#44 -Lynh

"This is the first and last Day Trading Program that I will ever need to purchase because I now win 80% of all of my Day Trades. At first I had 0 knowledge about even what options were, but the coaches in the program broke every thing down simply so I could understand step by step. I've seen many struggle with trading and I didn't want any part of that so I am happy I joined this program so I could become successful."

#45 -Darren C

"Full discloser, I knew nothing about day trading before this program so I was a complete novice, but now I win 80% of all my day trades. I struggled at first, but the coaching 1 on 1 is the reason why I became successful."

#46 -Ryan H

"I've tried other programs that attempt to teach you everything about day trading, but they all ended up accomplishing nothing. Since I took this program I now win 84% of all my day trades. This program tells you exactly the strategy behind where to enter, exit, and stop out. Plus, the community and coaching helped me stay on track."

#47 -Scott F

"I am a few weeks into the program and I win 75% of all my Day Trades. Currently I trade 10 contracts on average and every week going forward I plan on adding 5 more contracts. That will mean I will win the same number of trades, but every week I can win more and more trades with no more effort."

#48 -Carson M

"I work 60 hrs a week and own multiple businesses, but I still was able to find the time to day trade with this strategy because it was so simple. I am tired of working 60 hrs and this program is giving me the freedom I really wanted to have. I never traded in my life and even with that I still became a consistently profitable day trader that wins 80% of the time because of this program."

#49 -David M

"I started with a small acc of only $1,000, but very soon I doubled my trading acc to $2,000! Before joining I was wondering if this was another scam, but after joining this program was also well structured and professionally put together which I really appreciated. As a result I win 70% of all my day trades. These guys help you with everything from the technical analysis and even the trader psychology so you can be a well rounded trader. "

#50 -Alberto H

"This program has changed my life because I now am able to make a lot of money as a day trader and I win 80% of all my trades every day. I am a slow learner so I got the coaching personally so if you're anything like me you are going to need a coach there step by step that can keep you on the right path while you learn. It's worth it as long as you put the time and effort into it."

#51 -Shaneil

"I now win 80% of all my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program. I think new people that join the fact that we have a strong community of successful traders that are all there to help out on top of the fact that you get a coach to directly help you step by step so you can be successful as a day trader."

#52 -Robert H

"I saw multiple Ads about day trading so I thought this program was a scam too. I ended up joining this program anyway and it was worth every penny because others tell you to copy trades without giving value, but here they show you step by step with coaching how to do everything. Since then I have been a successful day trader."

#53 -Dexter P

"Since I am a doctor I often times miss out on spending time with my family, but because of this program I can finally make money at home, slow down on working as a doctor, and most importantly spend time with my family. I am a consistently profitable day trader because of the VIP Trading Program. If making $3,000 was this easy and I just started I can only imagine how much I will make in the next few months from using this simple trading strategy."

#54 -Patricia A

"I'm not very tech savvy and even I was able to be successful. The VIP Trading Program provides so much support between the coaching and the chat room that is full of other traders who are actually successful. Best of all its all with no technical indicators. This is a great program if you're looking for a way to earn extra income or even replace your job. "

#55 -Fasil B

"I would have happily paid over $15,000 for this program since it works so well. I don't understand why anyone would want to work a normal 9 - 5 after being successful because of this program. A few weeks into the program and I win 78% of all my day trades and the only reason I even have the small losses that i have now is just because I sometimes deviate away from the strategy. Listen, the strategy works so join the program and make sure to get out of your own way. The more you do the more successful you will be just like I am.

#56 -Christian C

"The strategy was so simple that even though I have a speech impediment I was able to communicate with my coach to the point that I now win 70% of all my day trades. Your coach is 100% there to help you privately in meetings 1 on 1 because they really care about your success. I've been in the chat rooms where people give you plays and that does not work. This actually works."

#57 -Joe F

"Since I joined this program I am consistently winning 100% of all of my day trades every day and every week. I took the time to actually watch the 1 hr webinar and automatically I knew this was the strategy for me because it was easy to understand. No flashy indicators and just a simple concept that works."

#58 -Shermiah S

"As a mother I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to day trade, but the strategy was so simple that I win 70% of all my trades. The best thing about the strategy is that it forces you to only trade high quality trades and a low number of trades so its the best of both worlds."

#59 -Dan R

"After 6 weeks of learning and trading with the VIP Trading Program I now win 80% of all my trades. Its pretty easy to learn of a strategy as long as you put the time in. I don't have a large account, but even I was able to earn $400 very soon after a small amount of trades. Also, best of all when I do a trade I can send my charts over to my coach and then my coach will create a personal video telling me whats right and wrong so I can improve."

#60 -Steven A

"This program changed my life and you have to be in to understand how amazing it really is. As a result from it I now win 80% of my trades. What I love about this program is they are always adding new content all the time. I've been in other groups and none of them compare. So give this program a try because it will change your life like it changed mine."

#61 -Kary D

"I win 80% of all my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program. I very easily made all of my money back that I invested into the program and then some. Like many of you I saw Maurice's Ad, started watching his webinar, but after doing that I couldn't go to sleep. I knew I needed to look more into this because he not only had a simple strategy, but also would coach you step by step how to do it."

#62 -Francisco

"I will be referring this program to my family and friends because its so great. Many other programs you join and have to still teach yourself everything, but with the VIP Trading Program you are assigned your coach who can hands on help you privately in meetings. Plus, you even have slack where you can learn from hundreds of other successful students in the chat room."


#63 -Frank E

"I almost died last year which was the kick in the butt that I needed because life is short and I put off joining this program at first. He gives you the fishing rode, the fish, and the water so he makes it very hard to fail at day trading. Don't put it off like I did 1 year ago. Join today and now because its beyond caveman easy."

#64 -Tyshawn W

"I am trading at a 82% win rate because of the VIP Trading Program like many others and I actually just started only 3 weeks ago. The results come fast if you put in the work and do exactly what your coach tells you to do. Before the program I was in a alerts program, but I was trading blind. Now I know exactly where to enter and exit with a plan before ever entering a trade.

#65 -Steven A Part 2

"I had a small $1k acc and tripled it into a $3k acc because of the VIP Trading acc. I can only imagine how crazy my returns would have been if I had a much larger acc. I also did this while working 60 hrs a week at my day job so if I can do it then so can you. On top of that the coach you get in combination with the slack chat room allowed for me to achieve a 80% win ratio as a day trader."

#66 -Vinny G

"I now win 80% of all of my day trades and that was only possible because I stick to the strategy Maurice lays out. Listen, it works and I am really happy to be a part of this MK trading family because it has gone so well in such as short amount of time. On top of everything I have never trader before and I was still able to become successful."

#67 -Matthew C

"3 weeks ago I didn't even know how to login to the trading platform and now I have won every single day trade since I have joined the program. The fact that you have coaching involvement every single day as much as you need it makes trading extremely simple since you can get all your questions answered by a actual person. Getting that feedback on all of your trades is a great so i'm glad I finally found something that is legitimate."

#68 -Michelle

"I now win 75% of all my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program, but I had a lot to learn before that could happen. I actually lost money at first, but because my coach was there I was able to talk daily about my trades, improve quickly, and actually now be to the point where I can say I am a proud graduate of the Maurice Kenny VIP Day Trading Program. I have a lot to say about this program which is why I recorded my 10 min review so you can listen to my story in my testimonial video."

#69 -Christopher S

"I've taken 30 trades so far and im telling you if you 100% follow the rules then you will become a consistently profitable day trader like I am now. So if you go through with the program you will be very happy that you did. So good luck to you and I hope you also get great success like I have with the VIP Trading Program."

#70 -Sherhea R

"This was the best decision I have ever made for my life even more so than pursuing a college degree. I am in the medical field and had 0 day trading experience. So much so that before joining I had to google the most basic of terms. I just wish I knew about this sooner because it has been so easy that I now have been winning consistently over 80% of all my day trades."

#71 -Mark

"Before the program I won only 45%, but after joining the program I now win 80% of all my day trades. The reason for my success is because of 3 core reasons. 1 the strategy is simple. 2 the coach is great and provides significant support & guidance. 3 there is a strong online community where other successful students even help you out."

#72 -Frank C

"The VIP Trading Program is a blessing and a godsend because 80% of all my day trades are profitable. It was all possible because I actually have a plan before I ever enter a trade. After I took 1 loss my coach immediately set up a 1 hr coaching call with me so we can walk through how to improve and what went wrong. No other program does that"

#73 -Michael M

"After joining I now win 80% of all my day trades because of the support that I was given via 1 on 1 coaching. Anytime I have questions or want my trade to be reviewed then my coach will personally meet with me to walk through everything step by step. "

#74 -Josh M

"I win 70% of all my day trades because of 2 core things. I am respecting the rules of the strategy and i'm communicating with my coach daily for help. I've taken other programs, but this program actually helps teach you the concepts and help you learn how to execute those strategies until you are successful."

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