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35 Successful Students

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What You'll Learn In This Training:

  • PART 1: A simple strategy that doesn't need technical indicators, scanners or watching the news 24/7.
  • PART 2: How to read price action so you will stop missing trades & instead let the trades come to you.
  • PART 3: How to go from having "no plan" to earning consistent profits with planned entry & exit criteria.
  • PART 4: Why this strategy allowed people to quit their job, have more family time, & only work 10 hrs a week.


Class 1

Day Trading Master Class Course

- Learn in this video course how to go from having "no plan" to earning consistent profits with pre-planned entry & exit criteria.


Class 2

VIP Trading Program

- With 1 on 1 coaching we will teach you our simple day trading strategy & review + provide feedback on your trades daily. (includes class 1)

Class 3

Investor Academy

- Learn how to swing trade so that you can make passive money every single day. Only available after you join phase 2.

Free Day Trading Book

Learn the full strategy with these 119 pages

In this book you'll learn:

  • The secret strategy that only the top traders know.
  • How to make $10,000 a month by correctly reading price action.
  • How to double your day trading profits by using a simple, but effective strategy.
  • How to consistently win 3 trades in a row without using any technical indicators.
  • How to reduce your losses 3x by developing an actual trading plan that you can trust.

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