Everyone below either makes over $10,000 monthly or consistently wins over 70% of their day trades

See how Maurice has changed the lives of his past students. All of these below students received these results because they joined the VIP Trading Program & then provided a testimonial to share their success. Not from the free YouTube Content. That means if you need these results then you should join the Coaching Program.

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#75 -Darrel A

"I made $11,000 in 7 weeks and win over 80% of all my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program. The structure of how the program is set up lines you up for success since it teaches you everything from the ground up. I've been trading for over 5 years with very little success so I am glad I am finally a consistently profitable day trader.

#76 -Garrett S

"I now make $1000 per day (over $20,000 monthly) because of the VIP Trading Program. I didn't start with a huge acc either so for those on the fence just join the program. When I started out I needed a lot of help, but since I have my coach there with me side by side to help me with every trade I was able to become a consistently profitable day trader. "

#77 -Chad B

"I win 75% of all my day trades and I only just started the VIP Trading Program. Even with the small ones I lost if I would have stuck to the strategy I would have won them at the end, but thats why the coaching has been so helpful because my coach is hands on helping me get better with that every single day."

#78 -Tom E

"I've never day traded before joining this program, but now after only a few short weeks I win 70% of all my day trades. I know with my coaches help I can get this up to 80% or even 90% because the strategy is so simple and my coach told me I just have a few more tweaks to do."

#79 -Chandra B

"Before I came across this program I thought trading was suppose to be difficult, have a thousand indicators on the screen, and be extremely time consuming. After I joined this program I found out even though I was a beginner none of that was true. I have a small account, but I am happy and consistently profitable."

#80 -Bridgetta N

"Before the program, I only won 30% of my day trades, but now afterward I win 80% of all my trades. This was only possible because I had a coach that could help me step by step so after every trade I did he met with me to discuss every little detail. He knew exactly what needed to change and very quickly I started to see results ."

#81 -Doug S

"I made between $500 - $800 every single day because of the VIP Trading Program. I tend to learn independently, but since I got hands on coaching I saved time and more importantly money since I was not alone trying to figure out everything. Since I had coaching my results have steadily improved and I am building my confidence more every single day."

#82 -Stephanie R

"I have a masters degree and received more value from the VIP Trading Program than I ever could have at school. I now win 80% of all my day trades so I want to say thank you to my coach for making this possible."

#83 -Jeff J

"I started this program with 0 experience day trading, but now I win 80% of all my day trades consistently. Everything was simple and easy to follow, but I believe that was only possible because of the 1 on 1 coaching that was provided. You will not win 100% of all your trades since that's not possible, bit you will for sure win majority if you follow the strategy exactly."

#84 -Tony L

"I now win 80% of all my day trades because of the VIP Trading Program. If you're looking for a program that is well designed and straight fw then this is for you. Even the coach and the strategy it's self was very practical and easy to follow along. Plus, the community is so supportive that they are all there to help you out so you can be successful."

#85 -David L

"I am still early in the program, made some rookie mistakes, but I still win on average 75% of all my day trades. Every coaching call we go over tips and tricks that help improve my confidence and also confirm exactly what I need to work on next. Without the coaching I would not have been as successful as I am now so I just want to say thank you for all the help. I am thrilled with the results!"

#86 -Robert M

"I now win 95% of all my day trades. So far I have taken 50 trades in total and have won 48 of them so it would be an understatement to say that the strategy works. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but once I got passed that with the help of the 1 on 1 coaching I became successful. Now I can finally use trading as a large source of my income."

#87 -Lydel W

"This program was perfect and exactly what I needed! I was a bit nervous so I made a script for my testimonial as you can see me looking away in the video, but honestly that's just because I wanted to make sure I got everything off my chest because way more people need to know about this program. It changed my life and it can change yours too."

#88 -Michael S

"I have earned over $1,000 from my small trading account this past month because I have been winning 70% of all my day trades! If you want to be a successful options trader then you need coaching, the course, and everything that the VIP Trading Program provides. They show you everything step by step while being straight fw simple, but also walking you through the details slowly so you can understand even as a new trader."

#89 -Jason B

"This is the best coaching program ever because you get the basic knowledge in the course and the coaching along side it that sticks everything together. You 100% need both because without coaching I would not be winning 70% of all my day trades like I am now. My coach even walked me through what exactly to fix so I could be successful as a trader. So you need to join this program."

#90 -Ekaete L

"A few short weeks into the program and I already win 70% of all my day trades. They help me understand when to enter trades, when exactly to exit, how to read the market and so much more because of 1 on 1 coaching. I even had emotional trading issues, but my coach helped me solve that problem by talking to me heart to heart."

#91 -Ron W

"I have been learning how to trade from other programs/courses for the past 2 years and never had any good results. Now because of the VIP Trading Program, I win 70% min of all my day trades. I got the material, worked with my coach, practiced, and it just worked. If I can do this then anyone can."

#92 -Maurice J

"Trading finally is no longer difficult or overly complicated because of the VIP Trading Program. Finally, day trading is simple, plain, and allows you to stop guessing so you can follow a game plan every single day. Also, the community of people that trade the exact same ticker and strategy daily is extremely helpful."

#93 -Robert

"I now win 85% of all my day trades. Last year I was in 2 different programs and Maurice's program is a night and day difference. The program is very well put together since it takes out the difficulties of trading. What also makes his program different is the fact that through 1 on 1 coaching you will learn / improve every single day because they really do care about your success."

#94 -Duwan C

"This is the number 1 day trading program out there and I am proud to say it changed my life. I almost couldn't believe how simple it was. It even had built in risk management and also has built in time management so you don't need a lot of time to be successful. Having someone to look over my shoulder as a coach on top of all that makes it difficult to even fail. This program will change your life.

#95 -Tammie

"This is by far the best day trading program in the world! In the past I have tried every strategy that I could find, but no matter what I always either lost trades or just ended up being break even every single month. Now because of the VIP Trading Program I am not consistently winning 70% of all my day trades."

#96 -Ted R

"Your coach actually cares about how successful you become and it shows based on how responsive they are to you individually. I have no regrets signing up to this program and you will not either so I 100% would recommend anyone to sign up for the VIP Trading Program."

#97 -August T

"I am 87 years old and was able to become a constantly profitable day trade because of the VIP Trading Program. I started out with a very small $1,000 acc and 3x my acc so I made $2,000 extra in a matter of 2 weeks. I now feel prepared before ever entering a trade so if I can do this at even my age then everyone can too."

#98 -Mark B

"I couldn't believe how simple it was for me to achieve a 88% win ratio! I've lost a lot of money from trying to learn how to trade by myself and from investing in other programs, but this one is number 1. I just wish I found this program earlier so if you're serious about learning how to day trade then do yourself a favor and join this program. Regardless of the price. Don't let upfront cost stop you from getting consistent money for the rest of your life"

#99 -Steve A

"My coach forced me to think more and asked me a million questions in order to make sure I understood the strategy. As a result, I now win 75% of all my day trades and I have to say thank you God for allowing me to find this program."

#100 -Robert M

"In 6 weeks I have made $6,000 because of the VIP Trading Program. When I joined this program I not only got help with the technical analysis of how to trade, but also more importantly the trader psychology behind how to trade correctly. They broke up my bad habits I initially had and now I win 94% of all my trades"

#101 -Pamela R

"I have been 80% profitable because of the VIP Trading Program. I have always been scared to day trade before now since I didn't want to lose all my money, but after seeing his FB Ad it was something about it that told me to give it a try. I listened to the video and instantly I was drawn in with all the free content he provides. Sometimes we are being used by God and im telling you more people need this strategy"

#102 -Jason M

"Before the program I was not consistent, had no set working strategy, and I really was just guessing since I was only in chat rooms that were not helpful. I got the VIP coaching program and after only a few weeks I now win 70% of all my day trades! I consumed the videos and asked every question to my coach so I have no regrets"

#103 - Ricky S - Part 2

"I started the program 6 months ago and I still have a 90% win ratio even now. I am trading with 70 contracts so I make thousands every single day. The coaches care so much that anytime I have a question I can always ask my coach. I am very very impressed with my growth because I started with a small acc. I highly recommend joining the VIP Trading Program."

#104 -Adam L

"Before the program I was trading a lot of different indicators, but was just never successful. This program 100% allows you to not use any indicators and the program overall still goes into a lot of detail behind the overall strategy. Plus, having someone to discuss my trades 1 on 1 has been incredible. I get feedback everyday couldn't have been successful without that."

#105 -Micah M

"Before the program I won lost 9 out of 10 of all my day trades and now even though I just started I already win 60% of my day trades. The results come extremely fast and I know without a doubt my coach really cares. I can 100% see myself in the next weeks reaching 70-80% profitability because its been so easy to understand."

#106 -Andre

"2 weeks into the training I started my trading acc with less than $5000 and now I already have made over $13,000. I can literally buy my freedom and making $2,000 - $3,000 a day from trading for only 1 hr. So if you are new to trading or experienced you still need to sign up for his program because the strategy works so well."

#107 -Semika H

"2 weeks into the program I made $10,000 and then the next week I already made an additional $5,000 from a total of 22 trades. I am 91% profitable consistently so this was not luck since the strategy works so well. This has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. "

#108 -Kevin M

"I am now winning 80% of all my trades because of the VIP Trading Program. What I liked about the program is that it's a really simple strategy to follow so even though I had no experience trading options at first I was very quickly able to become successful because of my coach."

#109 -Adam

"Within the last 7 weeks of being in the VIP Trading Program I now have confidence with the strategy and have a 80% win ratio. The program and the coaches are there to hold your hand so if you are a new trader or even an experienced trader with experience this is a terrific opportunity to learn how to trade the simple way."

#110 -Alex L

"Before the program all I did was slowly lose money because I just chased different stocks. So instead of doing 8 trades per day I have been doing 5 trades a day by choosing quality over quality of stock plays. As a result, I win 80% of all my day trades now."

#111 -Paul E

"For the past 3 months I have made a total of $30,000 through consistent trades day after trade. I did so by following the MK strategy and the only time I had losses is because I went off the road away from the strategy. So if you pay attention, ask every question you can think of, and be patient then you will be successful."

#112 -Jeffrey

"Currently I have made $1600 because of the VIP Trading Program and before this program I knew 0 about day trading. My coach taught me technical analysis and trader psychology through hands on coaching so that I can now proudly admit that I win 85% of all my trades. If you want to replace your current job then I recommend this program to you."

#113 -Sonny

"My trading was semi successful before, about 40-50%, but Maurice's method of trading Spy Options has given me a 70% success rate, and I would not have that without this program"

#114 -Chris S

"I am now winning greater than 70% of all my trades which is all thanks to Maurice Kenny and his team. My journey was a psychological one...and the coaching part was so helpful. I've paid for other courses and none that compare to this one! I am so grateful!"

#115 -Todd H

"I've been in the VIP Program for a little over a month and have been live trading with real money for a couple weeks and my win % is 90%! The system is super simple, if you follow it, you will have success! Look into this system, you will have great results!"

#116 -Matthew L

"I have been using the system a little over a month with about a 79% win ratio. The system is very simple and very detailed at the same time. You will dopply the knowledge and continue to practice!"

#117 -Robyn

"I went from missing some key pieces to full understanding of the fundamentals thanks to my coach. Coaching has made all the difference in my trading strategy. I now have a 70% win rate. Excited for my next coaching session to continue to increase that. If you have the opportunity choose MK."

#118 -Rusila

"This is possible to do and still have a full time job. I trade before work and made $609 in one week from one contract. Invest in this program and spend more time with the ones you love."

#119 -David Henry

"I have been trading since 2016 off and on but was never able to master it. I came across MK and the biggest difference for me in this program from others is only mastering one ticker symbol. I am now trading effectively and have become profitable"

#120 -Keith

"Because of MK's program I am now averaging a 70% win rate or more per week. I've been trading for 17 years and have never been consistently profitable until now. This program has helped with risk management and controlling my emotions during a trade. The course is the best course I have ever taken, but the real magic comes from coaching!"

#121 -Pamela R

"MK's program was everything advertised and more! I was very skeptical at first, but it was a great decision in my life. The course itself is full of valuable information. The coaching is so important because they help with managing your emotions, making sure you don't gamble and teaching you how to be happy with consistent gains. I personally started with a small account and have been successful. So I love that this strategy can be applied by people with a large or small accounts!"

#122 -Lance

"I have been live trading for 3-4 months and have had a lot of success! I have about an 85-87% success rate and making money every week! The coaching really helps with controlling your emotions. Great program! Definitely recommend it!"

#123 -Vance Strong

"Thanks to the MK Program I am now at an 80% win rate. Don't get in a hurry, stick to the rules of the program and listen to your coach. Focus on understanding your trade zones. The money will come."

#124 -Paul H

"I've started the program in Oct of 21, had never traded prior to MK, the course was super easy to follow. The coaching was great and super helpful. The Slack group is also super positive all the time. I've been about 75-80% profitable. If you are serious about trading you should look into this program!"

#125 -Chue

"I have been in the program since April, and I have been 70% profitable. I had a small account and it has grown about 60%. This is a really great program. Give it a try, you will not regret it!"

#126 -Tanner

"Because of the VIP trading program I am now consistently profitable. A big concern for me with the program was if I would have enough time. I work 5am- 2pm... you can make it work. The coaches are right there for any questions. Super responsive. You get your moneys worth here. Couldn't be happier!"

#127 -Neil

"I am about 5 weeks into the program. My coach has been awesome. Always quick to answer my questions and usually with video responses as well. I am only about half way through but I know I will have great success with this program!"

#128 -Curt

"I am about half way through the program. I went from a 40% win ratio to 80%. I was overcomplicating things and my coach stepped in and got me back to keeping things simple. The coaching was the extra boost I needed for my trading. Check out this program!"

#129 - Danielle M.

"Because of the VIP trading program I am now at a 70% success rate. The strategy is super easy, if you follow it you will be successful. The big thing for me was the psychological side. Coaching has been huge for me for that reason. I'm so much more confident in my trades. I highly recommend this program!"

#130 -Michael S.

"Thanks to the VIP Trading program I am 70% profitable and have made a little over $10,000. I had no experience trading prior, the program has given me an easy, winning strategy and the ability to learn from other people. My coach has been great along with the other coaches and people in the Slack chatroom."

#131 - E Torres

"I searched for methods and found that most are overcomplicated. When I came across the MK method I knew it was right for me. The method is very direct and to the point. Also no being stuck at a computer all day. I am now 70% profitable thanks to MK's method. Excited to continue to see where this goes!"

#132 -Mark S.

"Because of the VIP trading program I am now 90% profitable. Over the past month I have made $72,000. A couple of days in the past month I have made $25,000 in the same day. The strategy and coaching have helped me become this successful, it is simple, you just have to be disciplined and follow the steps and the strategy!"

#133 -Dexter

"The program works, the strategy works. If you stick to it and follow your coaches instructions, you will be successful. Trading can be very psychological and that is really where having a coach comes into play. Give it a shot!"

#134 -Hunter

"Thanks to the MK Program I am now winning 70-80% of all my trades. I got 75% profit today in about 20 minutes. The coaching has really helped with the psychological side of trading. The 3 great things I have learned is having a plan of action, knowing risk vs reward, and how to handle my emotions. For the first time ever I feel like I have a plan to make day trading a huge source of income for my family"

#135 - Joseph

"I have never traded prior to the MK program. It's only been a month and I feel very comfortable with trading and my knowledge of it. The course has helped a ton with personal development as well as trading. It has completely changed my mindset. If you are considering the program, jump in!"

#136 -Lisa

"I recently completed the MK program. I really love the strategy, it is super simple and easy to follow. Even someone with no experience, such as myself, can be successful. Also the Slack chatroom is a great community of traders and my coach was great as well. Stick with the strategy and you will be successful!"

#137 -Len

"I just finished the MK Program. I had no idea how to trade prior, the course was very easy to follow. The mental side of trading is huge but my coach was very encouraging and helpful. I really recommend this program!"

#138 - Darby

"I completed week 10 of the MK Program. It is the best trading program I have purchased. I am currently at a 50% win rate, I know I can continue to raise that if I stick to the rules of the program. Overall the program was a good investment!"

#139 -Craig

"Prior to the MK Program my win rate was around 30%. Now my win rate is 92%, my portfolio is up 180% and my account only had a few thousand to start with. The strategy is easy to learn but the coaching itself is a huge part of my success. The program is the most supportive and positive learning environment I have seen."

#140 -James G.

"I have been trading for about 2 years, joined the MK program a few months ago and am now finding consistency. I am between a 60-70% win rate. The coaching and Slack chatroom have been great. Highly recommend this program!"

#141 - Eric

"I have been in the MK Program for a few months now. I had never traded prior and I now how over an 80% win rate. The strategy is very simple. The system works if you stick to it and stay disciplined. Highly recommend!"

#142 -Hakeem

"I am one month into the MK Program. My coach has been great. I had prior trading experience to the program but had to forget that and relearn new ways to trade. My win rate is around 70% now. If you are interested, fully commit to the strategy, you will be successful!"

#143 -Rol

"Videos and coaching were great for trader psychology. Also the advice for price action and volume. Great program!"

#144 - Raghu

"The MK Program has improved my trading percentage. The strategy definitely works if you follow it. Coaches are great and the Slack Community as well!"

#145 -Garrick

" The MK Program was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me to alter old trading habits and gave me back time and freedom. I spent hours before watching charts and staring at the computer. The Slack community is also great. Invest in this course, I am so grateful I did."

#146 - Gui

"I was experience with trading prior but my win rate has increased since joining the MK Program. It has given me more consistency, and my coach has been great for my mindset. I wish I would've taken this program sooner. You won't regret it!"

#147 -Brian V.

"Since joining the MK Program I am now at a 83% win rate and have sustained it. With the help of the program and my coach trading has finally clicked. My account has grown to the 10k mark and excited to continue that!"

#148 -Richard

"I have really loved the MK Program. Prior to the program my win rate was only 30-40%, and I lost a lot of money. My win rate now is over 80%. The coaching has been great to be able to get feedback after my trades. The Slack group is also awesome. Great program all around!"

#149 -Kathryn

"I had no prior experience trading and now am at an 85% win ratio. I am amazed at this program, my coach as well as the other coaches have been great!"

#150 -Tricia

"I have been in the program for 6 weeks and always been interested in day trading. When i came across MK's program I really liked the simplicity of it and the live coaching. The coaching is really the key component for me. You have to follow the strategy and you will be successful. It's also great to see other peoples success within the Slack chatroom. The feedback on your trades is also amazing. It's been a great experience, highly recommend!"

#151 -Manish

"The course is solid and super simple. The coaching is really the key. You get feedback on your trades in a timely manner. If you want to take trading to the next level, highly recommend!"

#152 -Laura

"The program is super simple and to the point. Before the program I was losing money and now I have a 70% win rate thanks to the MK Program and my coach!"

#153 -Charles

"The course is simple and to the point. It covers everything you need to know. The coaching has been huge for me. I'm excited to see where I am at the end of my 10 weeks!"

#154 - Darren

"I started the MK Program about 5 weeks ago. So far it has been a great experience and my coach has been awesome as well. My win rate now is around 70% but I hope to continue to progress to 80% through the rest of the program."

#155 -Vanessa

"It is such a simplified approach to Options. This program is easy to understand. There is so much information given from the course and the coaches. My win rate was 35-40% before and is now 80-85% thanks to the MK Program. A big part of your trading is your psychology and that's where your coaches come into play. I am now a full time trader and consistently profitable! This has been such a great investment for me."

#156 -Prasad

"I recently took the MK program. The program is very simple but effective. It is very easy to understand. My coach was great and gave me good feedback. Very thankful for this opportunity!"

#157 -Matthew

"I am brand new to trading, this is my second check in. There is a learning curve but once you do it and can implement the info, it is a game changer. I am now up $13,000. Things are going really well, I have almost a 90% win ratio. The Slack environment is awesome and my coach has been great to keep me in check. I'm very excited to continue to see where this program takes me!"

#158 -Carlos

"I joined the MK Program in April. I was very determined to succeed and this program has greatly helped me. I came across Maurice's ad and decided to invest and that was the best decision I have ever made. My coach was awesome, very responsive. The chatroom was also great. I'm glad to say my win rate is now between 80-90%. Highly recommend!

#159 -Nathan

"I am 7 weeks into the program as a brand new trader and currently have a 60% win rate. My current job is still pretty demanding so finding time to trade can be difficult but when I can and I follow the strategy I am successful. I have 3 weeks left and excited to see whats to come. Definitely recommend!

#160 -Jesse

"Because of the MK Program I am now winning 71% of my trades. The strategy is easy to follow and that's what works for me. I'm excited to continue with the program and see whats next!"

#161 -Mel

"I have been in the program for the last few months. I have proven to myself the strategy works. I have went from 30% to a 60-70% win rate by learning my own psychology and following simple instructions. Still continuing to grow and follow the strategy as directed."

#162 -Daniel

"I am in my 3rd week of the MK Program and am now winning the majority of my trades. A big part of that is I now have more confidence and trade with conviction. The program and having access to my coach has really helped with trader psychology. So far I would say the program has been worth every penny invested!"

#163 -Raul

"Since joining the program I have become a more successful and consistent trader. I have done other courses that have many indicators and signals, but this program has been much easier to understand. My coach has been awesome and has guided me to being a better trader!"

#164 -Ernie

"I have been in the program for 3-4 weeks and my consistency in trading has greatly improved. I have been trading for some years now, my win rate was around 55% prior and I am currently at 91%. That has been a major change. I definitely recommend the program if you are wanting to be successful in day trading!"

#165 -Will

"I'm new to trading, I'm about 5 weeks in and right now I am winning about 75% of my trades. The course is incredibly detailed. I'm excited to see where these next 5 weeks go!"

#166 -Tyler

"The program in general was tremendous. The course has a ton of material. The Slack channel has good information from the coaches and other traders. My coach was was awesome especially for trader psychology. Always replied quickly and was available to chat. I'm now at a 70% win rate and hope to continue to grow!"

#167 -Lee

"I am in Week 8 of the program and am currently at a 70% win rate. When I started I knew nothing about trading. I looked at other programs but none that offered the one on one coaching the MK Program does. My coach has been awesome at answering all my questions and keeping me disciplined."

#168 -Satish

"I have taken other courses and lost money. After the MK program I am now winning over 50% of my trades and feel confident in placing my trades and managing risks."

#169 -Craig

"Prior to the MK Program I had about a 30% win rate. After my first 6 weeks in the program my win rate is now 92% and I am up $16,000 after only starting with a $3000 account. Best investment I have ever made!"

#170 -Rose

"I have finished the 10 week program and it was amazing. I have done other programs that give you too many things to focus on, this was very simple and easy to understand. My coach was very helpful and patient with answering all of my questions. Overall great program and highly recommend!"

#171 -Steven

"I have been with the MK Program for a few months now. I have tried other programs and none of have came close to this program. My coach has gave me great encouragement and feedback. I am currently at a 70-75% win rate. My confidence is great and fueling my success. The strategy is super simple. If you are interested in trading, try this program!"

#172 -Kingsley

"I came from a Forex background prior to the MK Program. The best advice is to set aside prior knowledge and don't overcomplicate the strategy as it is so simple. My win ratio is now 75% simple because I stick to the strategy. My coach has been awesome. Highly recommend this program!"

#173 -Allen

"Before the MK Program I was 50-60% on my trades, this past week I have been at 100%. I was taking way too many trades. My coach was helping me break old habits and create healthy new ones. I no longer revenge trade and only trade the major zones. My confidence is better, overall great program."

#174 -Brian

"The MK Program was exactly what I needed. Everything is well broken down and goes into great detail. Super simple and clear. My coach was great also. Because of the MK program I now entire trades with confidence!"

#175 -Daniel

"The whole program has been a life changer and so simple. Stick to the strategy and you will be successful!"

#176 -Clint

"Because of the MK Program I am now 70% successful in my 6th week of the program. The strategy is effective and it works if you follow it and do not deviate from it. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and to hitting some of my profit goals!"

#177 -Robert

"Before I started this program I tried doing it on my own with knowledge from the internet and lost a lot of money. The MK Program is legit, this strategy works, you do have to put in the work but if you follow it you will be successful. My coach is awesome and has made sure I understand the system. I highly recommend this program!"

#178 -Darius

"The program has been very valuable. I have began to find the groove of trading. I have benefited from my coach, it has taken me longer to grasp the strategy than most students. With continued practice and sticking to the strategy, I am sure I will reach my goal of replacing my current job.

#179 -Larry

"I just finished the 10 week program. I joined because I am looking for freedom from my current job. I had no trading experience prior. Maurice is constantly giving direction and guidance through his daily Slack posts and my coach has helped me grow from a novice to experienced trader."

#180 -Mike

"I had no knowledge of trading prior to the MK program. After 5 weeks I have an 83% win rate. The system is top notch. My coach has been awesome not only with the strategy but trade psychology as well. I hope I am on the path to being financially independent."

#181 -Pranesh

"I was previously a swing trader before the MK Program but lost money. I know have and 81% win rate. I hope to scale up my contracts and continue to be profitable. My coach was awesome, very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this program!"

#182 -Derek

"I have been trading for a while now but found my method to be inconsistent. Too many technical indicators. I wanted a change so looked into the MK system. I let the trades come to me and am now more consistent and profitable."

#183 -Anthony

"I started the MK Program about 3 months ago. When I first started I knew a little bit but no real experience. The strategy is simple but I did not realize how much your emotions play into trading. My coach has been a big help overcoming all of this. I can't say enough good things. Right now I am at about a 65% win rate. Highly encourage you to check this out!"

#184 -Phil

"Thankful for the MK Program and all their help. I am more consistent and confident and feel I have the tools to succeed"

#185 -Craig

"Happy to say I have grown my account from $3k to $30k! Hoping to quit my job and trade full time soon!"

#186 -Robert

"I just finished my 10th week in the MK Program. I have been day trading now for almost 18 months, I really struggled with consistency, but the MK Program has been an eye opener for me. I have had 18/20 trades that have been profitable, so I have a 90% success rate. Very thankful for this program!"

#187 -Greg

"I have been in the MK Program for about 6 weeks now and love it. My coach has been awesome. I tried other programs and was not profitable. After this program I now have an 84% win rate with very small losses. It has all came together for me over the last few weeks. Excited to see where I am in the next 6 weeks!"

#188 -Mark

"The course is very well laid out and very detailed. The strategy is very simple, if you put in the work you will become successful. The coaching has helped me fine tune things and become more consistent as a trader."

#189 -Christian

"The program has made a huge difference. Major supply and demand zone have saved me time and helped me to win a lot of trades!"

#190 -Jake

"I am about 4 weeks into the program. I just finished my second week of live trading and am at an 80% win rate. If you follow the system it works. You have to be patient and consistent. Really enjoying the program and excited to keep growing!"

#191 -Jeff

"I have been actively trading for several years but never been consistent. I came across the MK program and it was exactly what I needed. My coach has been a huge help. My account has increased $1700 in the last 2 weeks. So thankful for this program!"

#192 - Rex

"I have been impressed with the quality of this MK course. I've paid for numerous programs concerning S&P futures and this has been the most value I have ever received. It will give you all that you need to succeed."

#193 - Paul

"I have won every trade so far using the strategy. The trading program is very in-depth, thorough, and detailed. The strategy keeps me from overtrading and making bad trades. I am 100% profitable. I cannot wait until the next trading day."

#194 - Jason L.

"Before this program, I had a 30% win ratio with 10-15 losses in a row. The MK program is explained really easily. If you just following it, then there is a high probability of success. I now have a 75% win ratio and am trading with 10 contracts. This has been a gain changer for me. My plan now is $2500 weekly."

#195 - Ahmad T.

"Because of the program, I can now say I am a consistent and profitable day trader. The online Slack community is a safe place for seasoned and new traders where you can get all of your questions answered. The community is very encouraging and the coaches are knowledgeable and care about your success."

#196 - David A.

"Because of the VIP Trading Program, I now consistently win my day trades. This strategy is by far the best one I have ever learned for trading. It is easy to understand and simple which makes it great!""

#197 - Ashley

"This is the best decision I have ever made. I have taken multiple courses and none of them can compare to this program. The VIP trading proogram has simplified day trading for me. I am winning 80% of my trades. This program is for those who want simplicity and do not want to trade all day. Join the program! I am confident that I will continue to be successful."

#198 - Bobby Hooper

"I am thankful for my amazing coach, Dustin, and everyone else that has helped me so far. I have not reached my dream yet but I am halfway there and closer than I was 2 weeks ago."

#199 - Steven Johnston

"I am about half way through the VIP Prading Program now. I thought about buying the course only, but I decided to get the the coaching too. I have recevied a ton of benefit from the coaching. I have a 70% win rate and I am now seeing consistency and able to read the charts more easily."

#200 - Corey

"I have consistently grown to a 70% win rate. My coach helped me with the psychology aspects of trading. The coaches care about your success. I plan to continue with the program as my only trading method and to continue to grow with the VIP Program."

#201 - Joel Donigan

"The VIP Trading offers the greatest value of all the programs that I have purchased in the past. What makes it different is the system teaches you how to identify the trades on your own, without assistance from anyone else. It offers a simple approach with a minimal amount of money required."

#202 - Chad Jessen

"I consistently win all of my day trades. I understand how the strategy works, how to limit my losses, and when to enter and exit my trades. My coach helped me learn what I was doing right and doing wrong. The VIP Trading Program is well worth the investment. This program provides freedom to spend more time with friends and family."

#203 - Craig

"I started the VIP trading strategy 10 weeks ago and have already made $50,000. I started with only $3,000. Last week, I left my corporate job and retired early to become a full-time trader. The strategy is easy to follow and the coaches have been amazing. This is the best decision I have made in my life."

#204 - Angel Ocana

"I have an 89% win rate and have won 8 of my last 9 trades. Coaching helped me greatly. The course is life changing and gave me hope that I could become a consistently, profitable trader."

#205 - Garrett Young

"The VIP trading strategy works! I have a 93% win rate and have won 14 of my last 15 trades. My account balance is up 60% from the past 2 weeks. I have gained my confidence back again."

#206 - Jackie Rebibis

"I like the simplicity of the program because I only need to trade one ticker and just the major zones. My coach was very knowledgeable and gave me detailed feedback on all my trades. The MK community is very supportive to help everyone succeed. I am thankful that I found this program."

#207 - Steve McHan

"I am consistently winning 83% of my trades. This course teaches you price action and helps you to read the candles more accurately. As long as you trade using the exact program and follow the rules, you can be a profitable trader."

#208 - Mike Davis

"I am really excited about the potential the MK strategy can offer me and my family. I am at a 50/50 win ratio and I am looking to improve everyday. Coaching has been extremely helpful and invaluable to me."

#209 - Christian Gonzalez

"After this VIP coaching program, I've learned everything I need to know about trading stock options. This is great a great trading program for those who are serious about doing a side hustle, becoming a full time trader, or who have been losing money for a while."

#210 - Alvin Le

"I dabbled in day trading and using options is the past, but I was never consistently making money. Because of the VIP Trading program, I am now consistently winning the day trades I do. I am very happy with my success so far."

#211 - Lance N

"What drew me to the program was the overall simplicity. I have been involved in alot of other trading programs and this program was the most straight forward program of them all. For people who are looking for a career change or to get out of the rat race, this program is for you! If you take the necessary steps in the program, you will succeed."

#212 - Adrian James

"I have been a part of the VIP Trading Program for a few weeks now. This is the simplest concept I have ever seen. The Maurice Kenny program and coaching staff are top notch and have taught me alot. I will be trading full-time in no time."

#213 - Christopher G.

"I have a 90% win ratio and am consistently winning my trades each day. When I follow the program as stated, I am profitable. I am excited to scale up and increase my number of contracts."

#214 - Paul A.

"I have been a student for 6 weeks now and I am winning 80% of my trades. I used to have a 40% win ratio prior to this program. If you want to learn to how to day trade, try the program. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro trader. The program is an easy strategy with one asset class. If you are looking for a consistent and solid strategy or to double or triple your income, this is it!"

#215 - John R.

"I am in my 8th week of the program and I am 100% profitable (5/5 trade winning streak). My coach holds me accountable and has taught me the concepts of trading profitably (like trading the major zones only, applying risk management). I am now more disiplined and patient in my trading and allowing the trades to come to me."

#216 - Allie

"Because of the VIP Trading program, I now consistently win the day trades I enter and have an 88% win ratio. I had never taken a trade before starting the program. If you put in the work, it will pay off."

#217 - Cecilia C.

"Before I joined the VIP Trading program, I was losing all of my trades. Since I joined the program, 50% of my trades are successful. I have found the strategy to be very useful. I have learned a better way to enter and exit trades and apply stop losses. I am still working in the program and looking to become even more successful."

#218 - Brian V.

"So far, this week, I have made a little over 21k using the MK strategy. With the added skills that I learned from the VIP program, I am close to a 90% win rate over the past several weeks. I am learning to exercise better patience and it is paying off big time."

#219 - Katherine H.

"Because of the VIP trading program, I consistently win 70% of my trades. I've only been in this program for four weeks now. Before this program, I had no concept of trading. I've always wanted to day trade, but everything that I tried just seemed over complicated. That's what drew me to Maurice's system. He takes all these hard topics and breaks it down so that every day normal people can learn and understand, and it works!"

#220 - Clay D.

"My coach is always very patient and takes time to make sure you understand what he's talking about. I like how he always brings you back to the fundamentals and keeps everything simple. He has been a big help to me and my future success will be because of his coaching."

#221 - Weston W.

"I have a 70% win rate now. I appreciate the help and support that I have received from my coaches. I continue to practice trading as much as I can to get better. I am on my way to my goal of 10k per month."

#222 - Daniel M.

"I am thankful for my coaches for gaining more confidence in my trading, for providing daily videos, and for sharing all of the knowledge and insight along the way."

#223 - Karla P.

"The VIP Program teaches you how to read what is happening in the market and it provides a strategy to enter and exit your trades. The one on one coaching provides access to experienced coaches to review your trades to provide guidance on how you can improve. I now have the knowledge necessary to trade successfully and I have more confidence in understanding the market."

#224 - Glenn L.

"I am loving the VIP trading program. I have made $475 so far with the strategy and I am just getting started. I have won 33 of my last 35 trades. I am getting a little better everyday!"

#225 - Wilfred K.

"Before I joined the VIP Day Trading program, I had never traded before and was skeptical about day trading. However, I decided to join the program and it has been one of my best decisions. I love the one on one coaching as I get to have my own personal coach to answer questions and provide encouragement. I wish I started the program earlier."

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