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See how Maurice has changed the lives of his past students. All of these below students received these results because they joined the VIP Trading Program & then provided a testimonial to share their success. Not from the free YouTube Content. That means if you need these results then you should join the Coaching Program.

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#1001 - Nick S.

"This is my second month with my coach in the extension program. I started the course back in the spring and took a couple of months over the summer to learn it on my own. Then, I decided to join the program back at the end of September. Since then, my coach has really helped me focus on the areas that I needed help with - which has been to hold onto trades longer and get out of the ones going against me. Since joining, I have doubled my average wins and now have the confidence to hold trades longer. I'm excited for every meeting that I have with my coach. He also reviews and provides feedback on the trades that I send to him daily, which is awesome."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.


#1002 - Joel & Kendra M.

"The coaching extension program was truly amazing!!! I am so grateful for my coach who helped me get a 60% win rate and increase the size of my wins. He has also helped me see where I was making mistakes and gave me strategies to overcome them. I am so grateful for this program and my coach."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

#1003 - Eric R.

"About a year and a half ago, I came across Maurice Kenny's program. I've tried different trading strategies, penny stocks, and other things. It's been fantastic. The coaches, community, and the environment has been absolutely great. By no means have I made a lot of money, but I know it's coming as I scale up these next two weeks. I'm averaging over 80% success rate or win rate. I just want to thank Maurice Kenny, the group of coaches, and the community for this simple strategy."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

#1004 - Michael H.

"I teamed up for some extra coaching because I had somehow lost confidence in trading and started to lose money. I have nothing but good things to say about my coach. He has put things back into perspective for me. He has a very calm and relaxed demeanor that puts me at ease. Since training with him, he has helped me recognize my bad habits earlier. So I don't repeat my mistakes. I really appreciate him helping me get my mind right again."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

#1005 - Scott S.

"This trading program has been phenomenal. I can't find really anything bad to say about it to be perfectly honest with you. I never before did any day trading or options prior to this program. However, Maurice covered everything from A to Z. Any questions I had were answered by the online community or my coach. I have won almost 100% of my trades and it's incredible. I've only lost 2 trades out of almost 30 trades and those two trades were my fault. I've made thousands of dollars in the last several weeks that I've been involved in the program."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

#1006 - Sreeni

"I graduated from the MK VIP program in November 2023 and decided to sign up for a coaching extension in December. I've been working with my coach for the last couple of months now and I'm very happy I made that decision. I chose the extension program to tighten my trading, cut down on errors, and improve my decision making to take it to the next level. My coach has helped me tremendously! One of the very first things I worked on and improved was to be more selective with my trades and stay in those trades longer. I look forward to my coach's feedback every evening so that I can incorporate it in my trading the next day and fix any mistakes."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.


#1007 - Paul I.

"I enjoyed and learned from my coaching extension. My understanding of trading SPY options has grown so much since I first started with MK Financial, and now with my coach's help, I can honestly say I'm becoming profitable. I would encourage anyone interested in taking their trading to the next level to sign up for a coaching extension. In less than 1 month, I have gone from being discouraged to profitability and sustainability. Every morning, I can hardly wait to get to my computer and start trading."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

#1008 - Suresh

"My coach has re-framed my trading for long term and he has helped me to manage risks and learn proper risk management. He has helped me develop my confidence. His coaching calls have been excellent. If you are struggling with your trading and need help after VIP, please get extension coaching."

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

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