VIP Trading Program Mini Course

Learn More About The VIP Program Before You Join

Below you will find out what is in our VIP Trading Program, recording of our 1 hr webinar, live trading videos, free book, testimonials, tutorials on Day Trading, ThinkOrSwim, Trader Psychology, and more.

1. Watch The 1 Hr Webinar Replay

Before your meeting make sure you have watched 100% of this video as it explains the strategy & the program

2. Learn The Strategy In 10 Mins

Watch an intro lesson on how the strategy works. More videos like this are on my YouTube Ch HERE

3. VIP Trading Program Details

Are you Ready to Gain Financial Freedom of Your Life?

Visit our YouTube ch & watch 100+ videos by clicking HERE

5. VIP Trading Program 10 Week Agenda

6. Trading Psychology

7. Day Trading Tutorials

8. How to Trade with a Full Time Job

9. Live Trading Examples

10. Coaching Call Examples

11. MK University TOS Workspace

When you open ThinkOrSwim up for the first time is confusing & has a lot of complicated settings. Download my workspace to simplify that.

ThinkOrSwim Walkthrough

How To Upload My Workspace In 5 Mins

Get MK University's ThinkOrSwim Workspace

Download my Workspace & Upload it into your TOS Platform


12. Download Maurice's Book

In this book you'll learn:

  • The secret strategy that only the top traders know.
  • How to make $10,000 a month by correctly reading price action.
  • How to double your day trading profits by using a simple, but effective strategy.
  • How to consistently win 3 trades in a row without using any technical indicators.
  • How to reduce your losses 3x by developing an actual trading plan that you can trust.



I'm Interested in the VIP Trading Program, How Can I Get Started?

1. Watch my free webinar here to see if you are interested in my strategy.

2. Next, you can book a discovery call here with someone from my team to discuss if we are the right fit to work together since I only accept 15 people per month.


How Much is the VIP Trading Program (1-on-1 Coaching)?

The cost depends on if we have any open seats available at that time & what you need help with (but it is a 4 figure investment) so if you are interested then you need to complete the following steps:

1. View the one-hour webinar where I explain the basics of my strategy and what I offer here.

2. Book a call with someone from my team to discuss your interest here.


Is the VIP Trading Program Cheap or a Premium Service?

This is a premium service. Put it this way, we only help a limited number of people/month and many those people make a minimum of $10,000/month as a result. So, why would I charge you $50 while you earn a minimum of $120,000+ a year?

Many students can quit their job since they earn enough consistent money trading with my strategy. With results like that this service will cost you a few thousand dollars. If you can't afford that at this time then do not book a call.


Why Do You Only Accept a Limited Number per Month to the VIP Trading Program?

Since there is only so much time in one day to meet for weekly one-hour coaching sessions it is not physically possible for my team to accept everyone at once. That means depending on when you reach out there is a high possibility that there may be a waiting list.


Is Everyone Accepted to the VIP Trading Program?

No, because we are very selective about who we help. If we are going to work with you for X number of weeks via 1-on-1 coaching and you turn out to be an unpleasant person to work with, you will be denied regardless of if you have the money or not.

Also, if you are unemployed or have very little income then at this time you will not be accepted because you need a decent sum of money to invest with that you can afford to lose.