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Coaching will be a 4 figure investment opportunity so if you are not able to invest that then DON'T book a call.

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University Details

  • 1 on 1 Day Trade Coaching for 2 months
  • We Day Trade 1 strategy & 1 ticker which is SPY
  • 8 hr MasterClass to teach you our simple Day Trading Strategy from A-Z
  • No overly complicated indicators or past experience needed

We don't give signals, trade forex, or trade multiple stocks. We privately coach you 1 on 1 a simple strategy so that you're never relying on someone else for your success and income.

The Cost To Join Our University

  • Average US college tuition is $25,000 for 1 year & $100k for 4 years
  • Average US Salary is $50,000 - $60,000
  • Our university does not cost $100k, $25k, $10k, or even $8k
  • Our students can make $10k monthly after just 2 months

40% of American's have paid $25k - 100k for college, but with our university, we will help you for a fraction of the cost for better / faster results.

3 VIP Student Pre-Qualifications

  • Not living paycheck to paycheck
  • Must watch full 1 hr webinar
  • Polite, coachable, & open minded

We are NOT in the business of helping individuals with no income or savings at this time because we do not believe that you should be using money for trading that you can't afford to lose.